We serve divorcing couples together as a financial neutral or individually as a financial advocate in fostering creative settlements to meet their specific needs.  We provide a family-friendly, kinder divorce solution. Consider an approach that invites the other part to work together instead of the traditional approach, which typically creates immediate hostility.

In addition, we offer attorneys and mediators financial analysis support to help properly communicate to clients all the financial details and complexities of their settlement. Why risk possible malpractice when you can hire us for the financial piece of the engagement?

We also find our services secondarily benefit the therapeutic relationship a counselor may have with a client by bringing clarity and compassion to the divorce process. We love working with our therapist partners!

Finally, we serve couples that have financial stressors, but intend to stay together. Typically, couples that seek our services say finances are the primary issue in their marital problems. This may be because one spouse has been hiding assets or may have addictive behaviors causing financial infidelity in the marriage. Often times, a neutral can assist in budgeting, planning for goals, and liquidating debt wisely. WE ARE NOT DEBT COUNSELORS. If major debt is the primary issue, you may be better served by hiring a bankruptcy attorney.