Divorce Mediation Assistance

Mediators may struggle at times to properly communicate to a couple all the financial details and complexities of their settlement. By having us as part of the process, we work with couples to tackle the hard financial issues and find creative solutions on common ground.

Some financial concerns that may emerge during divorce mediation with clients are:

  • One client wants to stay in the house, but cannot qualify to refinance.  We can offer solutions!
  • A client has a pension, but is not certain what it’s really worth.  We can assist with a marital valuation and how the payments impact the financial situation of both parties.
  • The couple knows there will be spousal maintenance or alimony, but they are struggling with how much and for how long. We got this!
  • The couple owns a business and needs options for how to handle it. We consider the traditional solutions as well as all the intricacies in a transaction of this magnitude.

If you are a mediator, why risk advising on financial issues that may not be your specialty?  Let us take the risk by partnering with you.