Divorce Advocacy Services

Are you feeling brain-fog and stress about the financial side of divorce? Do you sit in meetings with your attorney and feel like you have no idea what they are saying? We understand. Having gone through a divorce several years ago, I remember what it felt like to try to make sense of “divorce math”; it is not your everyday math. It does not feel fair at times. How will this impact your future? Will what you are being asked to negotiate be enough for you to live on? Our team can get you the answers you need to make those life-changing decisions to feel secure and in control of your future.

  • Divorce meeting and communication support – We can be there to take notes, make sure all your questions are answered and provide a second set of ears for meetings that can be emotional and confusing.  “Divorce brain” is a real phenomenon.  You are confused, unable to process even simple information because it is spoken in language you have never heard. All this happens while you are emotionally and physically drained, yet you are expected to make life-changing decisions quickly!
  • Document gathering and organizing – Document gathering and organizing includes creating a list of documents needed, cataloging documents, requesting historical documents, and tracking down missing documents. 
  • Assisting your attorney with financial items related to your divorce as needed including mediation support.
  • Providing CREATIVE financial solutions for marital home, splitting assets, pension calculations, alimony, business value estimates, etc.