Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a process of coming together with your spouse and a group of Collaborative Divorce trained professionals to put your family’s interests first. Instead of running first to litigation, you decide to collaborate with your spouse and the trained professionals you pick to bring solutions to your marital agreement; this includes your coparenting plan. In Collaborative Divorce, your coparenting plan is designed to foster family cohesion instead of creating discord among family members that can often accompany traditional, litigated divorce. Each spouse has their own attorney, but there are other neutral parties involved to bring the team together such as a financial neutral, a divorce coach, and any other professionals the team may deem necessary. Information is freely shared between everyone on the team including your spouse. Many times, this can save time and money because information is shared freely instead of months of back-and-forth requesting of information from the opposing party. The result is an agreement that all parties have participated in establishing for everyone’s best interest. You may still not feel like everything was fair (no one does in divorce), but at least you were able to work together instead of being at odds or fighting it out with each party feeling as if they need to withhold information and protect themselves. The Financial Knot assists clients in Collaborative Divorce as the financial neutral. A large part of divorce is financial! Why not have a seasoned financial professional like Stephanie on your team?


Stephanie Vokral is a member of the South Carolina Academy of Collaborative Professionals (SCACP) and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).