Attorney Support

Attorneys are amazing with legally advising their clients of their rights during divorce, but perhaps may struggle communicating to their clients about the financial details of their settlement or may not have time due to the demands of their caseload. Help is on the way!

Some financial concerns that may emerge with clients are:

  • One client wants to stay in the house but will not have other sufficient assets to thrive.  We can offer solutions!
  • One client has a pension, but you are not certain how this will impact your clients. We can assist with a marital valuation and more. TEASER: Some pensions only convert to income when the employee decides to retire, not your client!  Did you know?
  • You feel like there will be spousal maintenance, but you are contemplating how much, what type and for how long. We can assist you with understanding how different options impact your client’s future.
  • The couple owns a business and you need creative options for how to handle it. You could go the traditional route, but there are obstacles creating some uncertainty. Help is here!

If you are an attorney, why risk possible malpractice by advising on financial issues that may not be your specialty?  By partnering with us, we can minimize the headaches of the financials.

Reconsider Your Financial Strategies for Divorcing Clients:

Our team of litigation support professionals can help family law attorneys form financial strategies for their divorcing couples. Contact us online or call (803)403-1308