Mistakes Business Owners Make in Divorce

On Tuesday, June 14, 2022 Stephanie was interviewed by Mike Switzer of the SC Business Review about mistakes that business owners make in divorce. Click here to listen.

Footnotes with Pendleton Street Advisors

Thank you, John Barnes & Pendleton Street Advisors, for taking an interest in The Financial Knot’s work and giving me a platform to share our healing process for clients in divorce. It’s long, but it’s my heart. Listen to Pendleton Street Advisor’s Footnotes above.

SC Business Review Interview

On Tuesday, October 5th Stephanie Vokral was featured on SC Public Radio and interviewed by Mike Switzer. During the interview she discussed Retirement Plans and Divorce. Click here to listen!

RSUs and Divorce

On March 9th, 2021 Stephanie was talked to Mike Switzer of the SC Business Review about how business professionals should think about their restricted stock units (RSUs), stock options and/ or warrants from their employers in divorce. Click here to Listen

7 Common Financial Mistakes in Divorce

On March 9, 2021 Stephanie Vokral was featured on a podcast with Narcissistic Abuse Coach, Tracy Malone to discuss what she has found to be the 7 common errors in divorce. Click here to Read More

Women Making Their Mark Among Men

We tend to marvel at girls who play on their high school football teams, women who fly fighter jets, and female astronauts and firefighters. They go head-to-head with men in ways that require strength and stamina not typically associated with women. Click here to Read More

Why Cash Flow in Divorce?

On August 25, 2020, Stephanie talked with Mike Switzer of the SC Business Review. She discussed the importance of cash flow when going through a divorce and understanding how the decisions made affect your financial future. Click here to listen.

Divorcing With a Business

Stephanie participated in a radio interview with Mike Switzer of the SC Business Review on September 9, 2019 discussing Divorcing With a Business.  When couples divorce and a business is involved, things get a bit more complicated.  Listen to see how we can help!