Planning for Divorce
A 3-Part Educational Series

Are you newly divorced? Considering divorce? Then this Divorce Clinic is for you! In partnership with Burris and Ridgeway Law Firm & RMF Real Estate, we will be offering 3 classes to help you possibly experience a more peaceful divorce process. The classes are educational in nature offering information on common errors in divorce, the financial components of divorce, different options available in SC and an overview of the process of divorce. Please join us for the first class of three by clicking here to register.

7 Common Errors in Divorce
October 15, 2019
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Burris & Ridgeway
820 Gracern Road | Columbia, SC 29210

We will share these common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • Not getting GOOD advice EARLY
  • Not having the correct MINDSET
  • Not keeping your emotions in check
  • No preparation; No documentation
  • Not considering tax consequences
  • Not establishing a career/job
  • Not understanding the complexities of the marital home

Register here today and learn how Stephanie Vokral of The Financial Knot, attorney Alicia Higgins, and real estate agents Roz Franklin & Brenda Starnes can help you possibly have a kinder, more family-centered divorce!

Stay tuned for details on the next class in the series, which will be held on November 12th

RMF Real Estate and Burriss and Ridgeway Law Firm are separate entities from The Financial Knot.

Coming in 2020...

Webinars for a Better Divorce Series:

  1. Five Ways to Divorce: What Are Your Options?
  2. Financial Components in Divorce Settlements (Marital Agreements)
  3. Seven Common Errors in Divorce: How Can You Avoid Costly Mistakes?

Find out your options! You may have a choice. Don’t be bulldogged into a process creating more stress on your family. Are you unclear about splitting assets and all the financial components of a potential agreement? Find out these answers and common errors people make during the divorce process. Don’t waste time, money and emotions on things that don’t work. I have been through a divorce and know what the process looks like. I can tell you how to avoid mistakes I have seen others make. Sign up now!

Purchase them individually for $19.99…or the series for $29.99 and get a FREE Divorce Toolkit! Sign up now for the webinar of your choice, or the 3 part series by completing the form below: 

Coming soon…How to Complete Your Financial Declaration/Affidavit and Why It’s So Important in Divorce, What is a Marital Asset Addendum and Using it to Negotiate Your Settlement.