Before You Decide to Divorce

Stephanie Vokral |

You never dreamed that your feelings could change so drastically from the way you both once felt and that your relationship could end in divorce.  The love and respect that were once abundant became unrecognizable and possibly even dysfunctional. It doesn’t matter how or why this happened; there are some things to think about before you make the decision to divorce.


  • Is It Really Over?  First, are you certain you’ve done everything you can?  Have you talked with your spouse and been completely honest about your feelings, what you’re thinking and what you need? If not, then it’s not really fair to expect them to know where you are. Have you explored marriage counseling?  Counseling can be extremely helpful, but be ready to commit to giving 100% of yourself to the process.  These steps can help you avoid some future regret, and you may even find what you thought was lost. Going through divorce is very hard; you may try working as hard at staying together. Both take a tremendous amount of work!


  • It’s Over - If you are certain that the relationship is undeniably broken, the next step is to begin thinking about your future. Understand that the same income that supported one household will now have to support two, and you will BOTH have to adjust your standard of living. Think carefully about what you will be able to afford and consider meeting with a divorce financial planner like The Financial Knot to review your options and look at what potential settlements would look like in your situation.


  • Be Clear About Finances Now - If you are not 100% clear on your financial situation, now’s the time to get prepared.  I can assist you in knowing what documents to gather so that you can be fully informed about the finances of your household. It will be extremely difficult to plan for the next phase of your life if you have no idea how much money you’ll have or how much it will cost you to live. A Certified Divorce Financial Analysts®, or CDFA® can be a very valuable resource for you at this time.


  • The Next Chapter - Finally, build a network of friends and family to support you.  The next six months to a year will be some of the most difficult times of your life. Surround yourself with people that will love you and will not be judgmental.  Take a deep breath and take one step at a time. You WILL get through this, and The Financial Knot can help.



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