When the Unexpected Happens

Stephanie Vokral |

You plan for many events in your life such as graduation, having a baby and retirement.   Many times, divorce occurs when we do not want it or ask for it, and it blind-sides us.  Divorce is a very painful subject.  It hurts and causes feelings of rejection. As much as we want to, we cannot control the other party or their actions. Having gone through a divorce in 2004, I know how divorce can impact family, friends, church communities, and those we love the most. My desire is to be part of the healing process for couples (and their families) when divorce occurs. We are not in the business of promoting divorce! Our clients are many times devastated their marriage is ending, usually after years of therapy.  We are in the business of bringing peace and creativity to the process of divorce.

Many times, one party needs some additional support in a traditional divorce and will hire me individually to be their advocate for the financial aspects in his or her divorce. Traditional divorce many times does not help parties understand how the decisions they are making in their divorce (as life altering as they are) will impact their financial future. TFK’s cash flow analysis illustrating these impacts can assist mediators and attorneys in understanding the effects of a marital settlement on the parties involved and what assets are best for their clients to keep or defer.  Other times, a couple needs a neutral party to guide them jointly in separating their finances.

In both instances, as a financial neutral with a couple and as a financial advocate, TFK offers services to help with the financial side of divorce and empower them with a realistic future plan.  A large part of divorce is financial.  Why not have a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM /Certified Divorce Financial Analyst ®professional on your team?