Vesta Hub Launch

Stephanie Vokral |

The Financial Knot is thrilled to announce our alliance with Vesta Divorce. Vesta has developed a new way to navigate the divorce process by allowing people easy access to a variety of local divorce professionals. These professionals range in services needed during the divorce process from Attorneys, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Therapists, Divorce coaches, Mortgage specialists, and Real Estate Professionals. With the launch of our South Carolina hub, divorcing individuals and couples in our area have access to a local group of divorce specialists for complimentary education. You may also choose to work directly with some of our professionals one-on-one.

In addition to the one-on- one services, Vesta also provides access to free resources such as blogs, tips, and educational webinars. We are so excited to be able to provide these resources to anyone going through the divorce process. By using an integrated approach, Vesta has not only improved the experience, but can effectively lower the associated costs. By building a community and trust, Vesta is providing those in need of these critical divorce services, and we are excited to be a part of this organization!