Narcissists are Hard to Divorce

Stephanie Vokral |

Narcissists are hard to divorce! Consider a strategy to just get away instead of fighting them in divorce.

 I cannot tell you how many times a month I get an email or a call from someone dealing with a narcissistic personality. Every time I get this, I empathize. Because I know this person who thinks they are fighting because they’re tired of being pushed around is doing the right thing. Please hear my heart, I am not saying you shouldn’t fight, you just need to fight smarter! Here is what I mean…

 If at all possible, have them make you an offer; this way you know what they’re thinking. Once you have this, you can structure your counter offer to be as close to this as possible here’s an example:

 Narcissists offers alimony at $1000 a month in alimony, but you know you need at least $2000; Temporary order says they will pay the mortgage of $1400.

 Narcissist hate to pay alimony! So give them back an offer where they pay no alimony, but continue to pay the mortgage payments. Make sure you include a clause that says if you decide to sell that property, you will get the same amount of payment each month equal to the mortgage. Then you find a way to make enough to cover the mortgage payment or sell the house and find something cheaper; Stead of going back to school, earn a designation or get a licensure. This is a potentially a cheaper way to earn more money and become an expert at what you do. 

 You will potentially waste so much money by trying to fight them with an attorney do you know why, because they will win at all costs and you (and your pocket-book) will be the one to bear the brunt of it. You may have professionals who touts a designation to deal with narcissistic people, but in my experience, this is the best way to deal with a narcissistic personality… Get away from them as quickly as possible even if you do not get all you want.