How to Co-parent this Holiday Season during a Pandemic By Karen Dorsey

Stephanie Vokral |

As we’re transitioning into the fall season, how are you doing with navigating school schedules – online learning, hybrid programs and in-person learning? It can be so overwhelming and co-parenting can be challenging because things can change in a minute!

And now is the time that you and your co-parent need to begin talking about school breaks and the holidays.

You’ve probably felt a need for flexibility with your parenting plan during the pandemic and now you may have to be even more flexible with co-parenting during school breaks and the holidays. With having to consider your children’s exposure to family and friends during the holidays, additionally communication may be at the forefront of your conversations with your co-parent. Here are three things you may need to consider:

1. Visitations

Visitation with extended family members could be a concern. Consideration may need to be made about location, number of people in attendance, and amount of space at holiday events may require additional communication with your co-parent.

2. Time With Loved Ones

If children are not able to spend time with loved ones during the holidays, planning another specific time in the future with this person may help to preserve the relationship for your child.

3. Scheduling

The ability for children to do some schooling online may actually give co-parents a new opportunity to create a schedule that gives more flexibility during school breaks and holidays.

Holiday Challenges

Regardless of the challenges you and your co-parent are facing this year, try to keep in mind that this is not always the way things will be during the holidays.

There is no magical way to deal with the challenges we’re facing during this pandemic. Always keep in mind what is in the best interest of your children. The holidays can be stressful even when everything is “normal.” It may not be exactly what you’re hoping for, but consider this as an opportunity to create some new traditions for you and your family. Create a plan and always have a backup plan as well.

Guest Blog by Karen Dorsey, Credentialed Mediator and Certified Divorce Coach with Strategic Divorce Solutions. Strategic Divorce Solutions is a separate entity from The Financial Knot.